How To: Weave on a cardboard loom

Weave on a cardboard loom

Learn about the basics of weaving with this stop motion weaving tutorial video. Several different weaving and knot techniques are demonstrated, even showing common mistakes in the weaving process. Watch and learn a simple technique for weaving on a cardboard loom.

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Brilliant, it's fantastic how the hands have been edited out - makes it much easier to see what's going on - also love the music.

Fantastic. Loved the music. Have just discovered weaving and this was the most straight forward example I have seen. Great!

in my country , WE HAVE SAME art CALLED " SADOW ".... WEUSED AS RUG

I love this tutorial. Best instructions ever. would love to do some small pictures this way. Any info out there ? thanks!!

That's great but what about the ends? Do I just leave them? Seems to me like they'd fray... and how do I take it off the loom?

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