How To: Weave with paper index cards with Make Magazine

Weave with paper index cards with Make Magazine

Learn how to weave with Travis Meinolf who's featured on the cover of CRAFT: 08, the Weaving issue. He explains how to make weaving loom out of 3 X 5" notecards, yarn and a pencil. After assembling the basic structure of the loom, create tension in the loom by attaching one end of the loom to the wall and the other end to one's waist. With a shuttle, it is possible to begin making creative woven fabrics in a matter of minutes.

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How do I get these videos to show?? All I see is a black

Amazing! Thank you Travis! In Greek we call this weaving system "argaleios". I was wondering how it worked but now you answered my questions. :) Greetings from Greece !

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