How To: Make a simple dreamcatcher

Make a simple dreamcatcher

Gather your hoop and supplies. Wrap the suede evenly around the entire ring. Wrap it either eight or sixteen times, depending upon your preference. Glue the ends to the hoop. Secure them with a clothespin until the glue dries. Make the web. Tie the nylon string to the suede. Make eight knots evenly dispersed around the ring. Keep the thread taunt between knots. Make a second row. Place each knot "between" the knots of the previous row. Continue in this manner until a small hole remains in the center. Tie a final double knot. Add a tiny drop of glue to secure each knot in place. Make two ornaments. Thread a few pony beads over a small piece of suede. Tie one end into a knot and tie the other end onto the dream-catcher. Place them on either side of the hoop about two-thirds down from the top. Push a few feathers inside the bottom of the beads and add glue to secure them in place. Thread a few pony beads over "another" small piece of suede. Tie each end of the suede into a knot. Fold the suede in half, so that the beads are hanging. Attach the fold near the top of the web. Glue a sea shell over the fold. Glue a few feathers on each side of the sea shell. Thread a small piece of suede, through the top of the dream-catcher, to create a strap for hanging. Hang the dream-catcher in your window.

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