How To: Make a basic macrame hemp bracelet

Make a basic macrame hemp bracelet

It is one of the easiest method to make a basic macrame hemp bracelet. First get out your hemp twine, if you do not want to use hemp there is a wide variety of colored cord you can chose from, the thicker the cord the bigger your bracelet. Cut off two long strands and take one strand, fold it in half and loop it over a rounded stick such as a paint brush or pencil. Do the same to the other strand. Now, you have the four strands hanging down. Take the right strand, pull it over the two inner strands and under the left strand. Pull the left strand behind the two inner strands and through the loop created by the right strand. This is a half square knot, pull it tight to the top and repeat those steps over and over and over. You will get the twisted look. Once you are about half way did, get out a special shell or bead and pull the two inner "anchors" and pull them through the hole in your shell or bead. Continue to tie half square knots until you have reached your desired length. Now, remove the stick from the loops and pull the anchor strands to make your end loops a little smaller. Pull two of your strands through the end loops. Put it on your wrist and tie a knot. If you follow the steps in this video, you could able to do a fashionable Bracelet by your own.

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